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Is the electric cigarette bad for you?


There are millions of people across the globe, who are avid smokers and realize its potential harm for their health. Although they try hard to get rid of it, this is somewhat a tough task for them to accomplish. This is why, manufacturers have come up with a solution in the form of cheap electronic cigarette uk. The e-cig is said to have the same taste as that of the traditional cigarette, but not the contents. However, it does have nicotine liquid in it that turns to vapor when ignited to give off smoke and the desired taste. The tip tends to glow green, while inhaling and sinister dry smoke gets emitted. The idea can be attractive for those, who would like to wean off their smoking habits. But the question that is asked by the majority is “Are electric cigarettes bad to be used?”

Smoking dangerous or fun
Smoking can be dangerous and fund in equal measure. But it becomes important for the person to take out the danger element out of picture and just have the fun portion to be safe and healthy. The ‘smoke’ that gets emitted does have a kind of soothing effect on the person and gets rid of the cravings for regular cigarettes. They have indeed got much popular and the increasing number of e cigs users is on the rise at a faster pace. Even manufacturers are raking in money. However, when compared to the sales of the real cigarettes, there is a lot more market to cover.


Bad or good
The major issue of e cigarette stater kit is that it has not been tested rigorously and plenty of mystery does surround its impact on one’s health. A recent study by some scientists established that e-cigarette smoking does cause immediate increase in the airway resistance. It lasts for about ten minutes after smoking and reduces the lung capacity. However, these are considered to be early days.

Governments across the globe have been coming up with guidelines for the e-cigarette manufacturers to follow. This is place stricter controls on nicotine levels present or to have clinical trials conducted. These are banned in several countries. Smoking is undoubtedly injurious to one’s health and is said to kill about millions all over the world every year. It is accepted generally that such an alternative can prove to be less bad for the individual. It can definitely have a positive, massive impact on diseases and the mortality rates are linked to the regular cigarettes. It is a fact that nicotine is compared to Caffeine in regards to its negative impact on health. The individual needs to ingest a good quantity for facing permanent damage.

However, there is indeed a wider variation in respect to the chemical contents present in the e-cigs. Some of them include tobacco particular nitrosamines, which is a nicotine product that was found to be responsible for causing cancer when it is tested on rats. Whereas, others are said to comprise diethylene glycol, which is a poison that is known to cause death, if ingested in huge quantities.

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E-cigs in fashion

Look around, there is a revolution taking place on the smoking scene. Sure if you could reminisce back to the 1950s you would think of smoked filled parlors and wing tipped cars. Those days are behind us and e-cigs are in front of us.  I have been a smoker for years and even though I know it’s not the healthiest lifestyle I enjoy it. The feeling of waking up in the morning with a fresh cup of brew in my cup and lighting that fresh tobacco really awakes all of my senses and prepares me for the day.

I remember back before there were filters on cigarettes and you could taste the raw tobacco filling your lungs with every puff. Those were excellent times, but as we all know now the tar is not good for our lungs and can cripple our health. I never imagined there was going to be a way to enjoy smoking without all of the health hazards until I witnessed e-cigs coming unto the market. At first I thought they were a joke and rightfully so after I tried them. It did not fulfill the needs of a regular cigarette, but as I aged I knew I had to do something different.

You can see all of the young people are smoking e-cigs and are enjoying them. They can smoke in places I can’t and relax through the entire process. I wanted this type of lifestyle, however I was not sure how to get started. All of the e-cigs I tried before generally were just a waste of money, time, and hope. That did not stop me though. I wanted to be in fashion and enjoy smoking without all of the risky health issues hanging over my head. I decided to take my search online and that’s when I found Love Vaping. I was really impressed with all of the different types of vaping accessories they offered and just knew I needed to test them out.

I have to admit there was a point where I was skeptical and thought the younger generation was pretending to smoke. That was until I actually tried an e-cig that I ordered online. Their resemblance was completely different compared to that cheap plastic garbage they call e-cigs at my local store. I unwrapped my stainless steel vapor and away went the first puff. I could feel the smoke coursing its way down my lungs and it felt satisfying. I really was in awe over just how well these e-cigs worked.

The price matched my wallet and the quality matched my taste. My wife loves the fact that I am not smoking traditional cigarettes since she is a non-smoker and when the wife is happy I am happy. Now I can finally say I am up to date and in fashion with the new method of vaping. It’s a satisfying feeling to know I can smoke and forgo all of the once dreadful health hazards that pertained to smoking. I recommend all e-cigs to my friends and my largest problem is teaching them how convenience store e-cigs could not hold a match to high quality electronic cigarettes in UK.